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Serban Mihai / 20 October 2018

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ES6 Map snippet


A Map is a data structure allows to associate data to a key.

Before it’s intruduction in ES6, people generally used objects as maps, by associating some object or value to a specific key value:

const person = {} = 'John'  
person.age = 18  

console.log( //John  
console.log(person.age) //18

Map example:

const person = new Map()  

person.set('name', 'John')  
person.set('age', 18)  

const name = person.get('name')  
const age = person.get('age')  

console.log(name) //John  
console.log(age) //18

The Map also provide us with methods to help us manage the data.

delete() method - deletes an item from a map by key:


clear() method - delete all items from a map:


has() method - check if a map contains an item by key:

const hasName = person.has('name')

size() method - check the number of items in a map:

const size = person.size

We can also use a couple of methods to iterate:

entries() — get all entries

keys() — get only all keys

values() — get only all values

Find more details about Map here


A WeakMap is a special kind of map.

In a Map, items are never garbage collected. A WeakMap instead lets all its items be freely garbage collected. Every key of a WeakMap is an object. When the reference to this object is lost, the value can be garbage collected.

Main differences between WeakMap and Map:

  • you cannot iterate over the keys or values (or key-values) of a WeakMap
  • you cannot clear all items from a WeakMap
  • you cannot check its size

A WeakMap exposes those methods, which are equivalent to the Map ones:

set(k, v)  

The use cases of a WeakMap are less evident than the ones of a Map, and you might never find the need for them, but essentially it can be used to build a memory-sensitive cache that is not going to interfere with garbage collection, or for careful encapsualtion and information hiding.

Find more details about WeakMap here.

You can find a more complete ES6 cheetsheet on my Github page.

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